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We support you breaking into Japanese market.

If you are thinking about starting your business in Japan, or you have already start business in Japan and would like to boost it, we could help.

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Japanese market is little bit curious

If you already dealing with Japanese, you may be aware that Japanese people is little bit curious.Because we have different customs.
Unfortunately sometimes overseas companies and Governmental organizations may be unfamiliar with various aspects in Japan, such as:

* Laws and regulations
* Social habits and customs.
* Commercial habits and customs.
* Government social security
* People's attitude to work
* Personal relationships on business occasions
* Characteristic differences between regional communities
* The progress and penetration of mobile technologies etc.

The above list represents the fundamentals required to achieve your goals in the Japanese market.

We understand the Japanese market, people and customs.

If you would like to have our support, just click the button as you wish.

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