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Fax Advertising F.A.Q.

Q. What attributes can I select other than capital?

A. We can’t handle searching and sending on the same day, but given two days, you can select area and type of business, as well as capital, sales volume, and number of employees.

Q. Can I search based on business category name?

A. You can search with the 36 classifications of the Japanese Standard Industry Classification. We can also handle keyword searches based on items of business.

Q. Which manuscript file formats can you accept?

A. We can handle just about any software that works on Windows. Please inquire regarding Mac software. If it’s in a format we can’t handle, please send it as a PDF file.

Q. How many faxes can you send per hour?

A. W can send 10,000 items in 20-30 minutes.However, this is just for the first attempt.Because of busy lines or other communication problems, we will re-try a number of times, so it may actually take roughly 1-1.5 hours.If a line is always busy, we can’t make any promises.It may take more time, depending on the traffic on the lines of the two broadcast companies that we work with.

Q.Does the fee change based on fax broadcast manuscript size?

A. No, our company does not charge by manuscript size.Please use the approved manuscript type.

Q. I’m worried about complaints.

A. To a certain extent, you need to be prepared for this. However, if you deal with them in good faith, it shouldn’t be anything serious. There likely won’t be many complaints about goods or services necessary for the business of a given industry. However, there tend to be many more complaints about content completely unrelated to a given field.

Q. What sorts of complaints are there with regard to sending faxes?

“Don’t waste our paper and ink” and the like are most common. In the majority of cases, your fax will be sent back marked with an X. There may also be cases that need to be dealt with over the phone.

Q. What areas can I designate for the fax broadcasts?

A. You may designate by prefecture, city, or town.However, if you designate by town, the number of items will be greatly reduced.

Q. Is there some secret to having both low prices and providing detailed searches?

A. Our firm is a big name in the industry, so we have a volume discount for sending. Also, using funds received as advance payments as working capital, we are involved in endeavors such as buried cultural property excavation projects, which increases our earnings. In the total balance, we can realize these low rates.

Q. Do you sell fax data?

A. Unfortunately, our firm does not currently offer data sales.However, we have been getting many requests, and we think we may expand into this area at some point.

Q. Can you eliminate duplication between our data and your data?

A. Yes, of course. When you send us your data, we will take care of it.

Q. Can I be assured of success using Fax Advertising?

A. There is no guarantee of results. However, as a cornerstone of direct marketing in America, it is a frequently prescribed approach. There are certainly many success stories in Japan as well, including Askul and Dell.

Q. I have a small number of fax listings, so I want to send faxes to phone numbers. Can I?

A. Our company will not send faxes to telephone numbers.

Q. How many days does it take from placing an order (payment) until the faxes are sent?

A. We can send the faxes on the same day as your payment.However, we ask that you please place your order by the previous day.If we are familiar with dealing with you, you may order on the same day.

Q. If I provide my own data, what data-items do you need?

A. Only the fax number is required.However, if you want to specially address your faxes, you will need to provide that information.
Q. Can I broadcast-fax a paper manuscript that wasn’t created on a computer?

A. Please send it to us through the mail. Fax is also OK, but the image will degrade each time it is faxed.If you can, please use the superfine or fine mode of your fax machine. It will come out looking a bit better.

Q. Do I need to worry about personal information privacy legislation?

A. Corporate information does not constitute personal information.However, there are points of contention even among legal professionals concerning the names of representatives and data on personal business owners.

Q. Will you prepare Fax Advertising manuscripts?

A. We can undertake this work at \20,000/sheet.

Q. Is it OK if there are hyphens or parentheses in fax numbers I provide?

A. Yes. We will convert the data into the required form.

Q. Can I specify the transmission time?

A. Yes, you can. We are closed for business on Saturdays and Sundays, but you can specify a time up until the previous day.

Q. I want to send two sheets.

A. The basic rate is \10,500 as usual, and the unit price per sheet is doubled.

Q. Sending operation walk-through

A. First, please prepare your fax data.If our firm is requested to prepare the data, we will receive your specifications and carry out a search.At this point, please prepare your manuscript.If our firm is requested to prepare the manuscript, we will take care of everything, though sufficient time will be required for the necessary arrangements.At this point, we will provide an estimate.Then, if we have your consent, please decide on the sending date and time. We ask that you please submit the estimated sum no later than several hours before the sending date and time.Please pay the remittance fee at this time.When your payment has been confirmed, we will make a reservation for your fax transmission for the designated date and time.When the transmission has been completed, we will inform you.

Q. How will I be notified of the results of the faxing?

A. If your own data was used, we will email you a distribution log from the fax broadcast company.If our data was used, we will fax you a sending report received from the fax broadcast company.(Fax numbers etc. do not appear in this)

Q. Is there a fee for the distribution log for my data?

A. No, we handle this at no charge.


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Top >> Initial Contact to your New Japanese Customer >> FAX Advertising F.A.Q.