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Fax Advertising

Get high response with convenience and low prices with Fax Advertising
Our service is delivered via leading telecommunications systems.

This form of “100% open rate” direct mailing is a commonplace PR technique in the U.S.
However, it is still largely unfamiliar in Japan.
We provide a “convenient, low-cost, high-response” DM system.

We are proud to offer Fax Advertising, the ideal system for new B2B developments.

Any new business development absolutely requires some form of advertising.
Even if you were to avoid using advertising media, you would still have to rely on your workforce to keep people informed with methods like sales visits and telemarketing -- in other words, advertising.
New business developments always have associated costs.
Unless you have an introduction from existing customers, you won’t get a quick decision.
Of course, even with an introduction, whatever approach you take will involve some costs.
So, it’s only reasonable to think that low cost is a good thing.
However, there are many cases where what people think and do when it comes to “low cost” don’t quite match up.
Put simply, “low cost” has three meanings.
One is a low absolute cost.
One is a low cost of reaching your target audience.
One is a low new development cost per item.
So which does everyone think is the best?
Of course, the answer is simple.
However, in reality, there are cases when you would pursue a low absolute cost and those where you pursue a low cost of reaching your audience.
Think about it.
Why do these cost miscalculations happen?
They happen because there is no confidence regarding the new business development cost.
So you end up judging the value of advertisement with the absolute cost and the cost of reaching your audience.
Think about it again.

Here is our proposal.
We are proud to offerFax Advertising, an optimal system for new B2B business developments.
Fax Advertising has each of the three “low costs” covered.
Fax Advertising is the most affordable in terms of absolute cost.
Fax Advertising is the most affordable in terms of the cost of reaching your audience.
Fax Advertising is the most affordable in terms of new business development cost.
And so, we wish to humbly recommend Fax Advertising as your new business development tool.

We are already hearing from private companies who use Fax Advertising.
How much does it really cost each month?
To the workplace with someone “nailed down” in front of their fax:
Communication costs vary by distance, but isn’t it about \8 within a city, and \20 outside?
Calculate the worker’s hourly wage, and then add in the total communications cost.
To the workplace that uses its own private broadcast service:
Calculate the communication cost per item.
If you’re going to push that fax button anyway, push it for us!
In both cases, switching to Fax Advertising will result in a drastic reduction in cost.
What’s more, because we use the services of leading telecommunications broadcasting companies, the reliability of our system is unrivaled.
And even better, because Fax Advertising communications reports are not distributed internally, there’s no risk of manipulation.
In other words, you never have to worry whether or not your faxes were really sent.
How about it?
We’re confident that when you think about it, the value we have to offer will speak for itself.
Experience the power of Fax Advertising as a tool for new business development.
You’ll have no problem finding new customers among the1,960,000 fax listingswe have to offer.


100% Open Rate
Prices lower than the cheapest postcard.
Compared with printed flyers, you can easily modify your content even while gauging your responses.
Immediate results.
Existing customers are your salespeople.
You an effectively use Fax Advertising and your management resources for the creation of new business developments and potential customers.


Most pamphlets won’t generate complaints, but in some cases there may be complaints regarding direct mail unrelated to a company’s business.
(Our company does not provide fax numbers for individuals)
You have only the space on an A4 page to communicate your information


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